DDF Curvati was born in the middle of 80’s and it is situated in the heart of Brianza area.

Thanks to its experience, acquired during the years, the company carries out, with care and precision, the curvature of lamellar and solid wood in every essence and size, making a vast range of finished products for the inside and the outside.

The deep knowledge of the nature of wood and the use of technologically advanced equipments make us to work and curve wood on the ground of high technology standards, offering to customers items realized with complete observance of their projectual features.

Our target is to work the wood, keeping its natural characteristics and its solidity unchanged, so as to achieve aesthetically perfect products, thanks to excellent quality finishing.

A very important business section is the curvature of lamellar wood. This technique allows the solution of many construction problems.

The features of lamellar wood make it proper the construction of external supporting structures, even if of large dimensions. DDF Curvati is specialized in this business, distinguishing itself by the achievement of very important projects.

For its 25th anniversary, the company has created a new collection of products for external environment. The design, attended by Architect Margarita Kroucharska, is very refined and of great personality, but essential at the same time. This design makes the products easily placed in every external architectural contexts, either historical or modern.

The whole collection is rigorously made in Italy.

The whole collection is rigorously made in Italy.
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